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The Affirmation of Life

Lawson, John.
The Affirmation of Life: A Reichian Energetic Perspective (Portland, Oregon: Ardengrove Press, 1991).
In this book, John Lawson explores some of the basic factors related to an individual's ability to establish and maintain a positive attitude toward life.  The capacity to embody such an attitude is rooted concretely in the energetic functioning of the person.

Among those issues discussed are:
  • The Bio-energetic Basis of Self-Esteem
  • Early Stages in Personal Growth
  • Body, Mind, and Spirit
  • The Problem of Guilt
  • The Integrity of the Person
The following selection from the book is available for downloading:  

Confronting Resistances

The Affirmation of Life: A Reichian Energetic Perspective
(ISBN 0-9360338-1-6) is a trade paperback (5.5 in  x 8.5 in), perfect bound with a film-laminated cover.  It contains diagrams that reinforce the presentation, and it includes an index. 126 pages.
Ordering Information
  • Price: $12 for the first book and $9 for each additional book.  Price includes shipping and handling.  
  • International Orders: Payment must be made in the form of an international money order denominated in U.S. funds.
  • Payment: Make your check or money order payable to John Lawson. 
  • To Order: Call John Lawson at 503-297-6686.

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Reichian Energetics: Theory and Practice

Resistance to Life


For those readers interested in a more detailed and technical discussion of various issues relevant to personal growth and improved human functioning, the following selections are currently available:

Suggested Reading

There exists a great deal of published material dealing with Wilhelm Reich, his work, and the work of those who have been influenced by him.  Some titles are currently out of print, but copies may be located and ordered by searching the web or by consulting your local book dealer.  The following publications may be of interest:

  • Boadella, David. Wilhelm Reich: The Man and his Work.  This is a good, carefully written introduction to Reich's life and work.
  • Lowen, Alexander. Bioenergetics.  This book presents Lowen's understanding and development of Reich's perspective in working with clients.
  • ______ Narcissism: Denial of the True Self.  This work provides an analysis of the problem of narcissism (being "hung up" on one's self-image), both at the level of culture and of personal psychology, with a special emphasis on how this problem is related to the body.
  • Mann, W. Edward. Orgone, Reich & ErosThis book explores Reich's ideas about biological energy, especially in relation to various esoteric traditions, such as Eastern mysticism.
  • Ollendorf, Ilsa. Wilhelm Reich: A Personal BiographyThis memoir was written by Reich's former wife.
  • Reich, Wilhelm. Character Analysis (3rd edition). This volume presents a technical elaboration of the character analytic perspective and the extension of that perspective into the realm of bio-physics.
  • ______ The Function of the Orgasm.  This is the classic work introducing Reich's functional perspective.
  • ______ The Cancer Biopathy.  This book explores the nature of biological energy and its relation to health and disease, with a particular emphasis on the problem of cancer.
  • ______ Selected Writings.  Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux, this is a selection taken from Reich's publications, representing various stages in the development of his thinking.
  • Sharaf, Myron. Fury on Earth.  To date, this is the most detailed biographical treatment of Reich's life and work.

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