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Body and Mind

About John Lawson

It is by confronting the restrictions in our functioning and working through
our personal conflicts that we strengthen our individuality, enhance
our being, and deepen our capacity for life.

John Lawson graduated from the University of California at Berkeley.  After a brief stay in Europe, he attended graduate school in Oregon.  He then returned to Berkeley, where he became involved in the Reichian approach to personal growth work.

In 1983, Mr. Lawson began working with clients in Portland, Oregon as a private instructor in Reichian Energetics.  He has established Reichian Energetics as a dynamic approach to personal growth that is firmly rooted in the bioenergetic and character-analytic principles elaborated by Wilhelm Reich.

John Lawson works with clients in individual sessions.  He also conducts workshops, and he lectures on a variety of subjects relevant to the improved understanding of human functioning.  He is the author of various articles and monographs as well as the book The Affirmation of Life: A Reichian Energetic Perspective.

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