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Unity of Body and Mind   

An Integrated Approach to Personal Growth and Improved Functioning

Reichian Energetics
is a form of  personal growth work put into practice by John Lawson.  It is based on the bioenergetic and character-analytic principles elaborated by Wilhelm Reich.  In the tradition of Reichian therapy, the work is carried
out in individual sessions with a combined verbal and somatic emphasis.

Genuine personality growth is the goal of Reichian Energetics. 

Such growth results from a deep identification with the life of the body and
is characterized by an enhanced responsiveness to the challenges of life.

John Lawson is a private instructor in Reichian Energetics.  He resides in Portland, Oregon, where he has maintained a practice since the early 1980's.  Mr. Lawson works with clients in individual sessions.  He also conducts workshops, and he lectures on a variety of subjects relevant to the improved understanding of human functioning.  He is the author of various articles and monographs as well as the book The Affirmation of Life: A Reichian Energetic Perspective.

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